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Con tinysandbox
Shot near the center of the map (gold ingot)



Full name

Tiny Sandbox

Game mode




Tiny Sandbox is a default CS2D con_ type map and a smaller version of Sandbox made by DC.


It takes place in an unknown location, most likely in a desert. The map, unlike the original Sandbox, is very tiny and does not allow players to expand their bases (also it does not claim to have a large description). It has three infinite gold ingot sources[1] which supply players with in-game money.


There is no predefined goal, but the game mode's point is for teams to build bases and protect themselves from enemy attacks. There isn't any objective like to capture the enemy flag or to dominate all control points, unlike in other game modes.

Tactical featuresEdit

The map has not much space, therefore two teams must compete for having the control over the map. The gold source in the map center is also a tactical element, for control of which battles often occur due to its convenience in battle (i.e. players do not need to run to the spawn thus they do not lose time and do not fall in possible enemy traps).


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Two in spawns and one in the center of the map.