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As snow
Shot near the VIP escape point (green-lighted zone)



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Snow is a default CS2D as_ type map made by DC.


It takes place in an unknown location, most likely in winter[1]. The map also features a variety of buildings, some of which have crates and containers inside. There is also the so-called "hazardous" yellow-black striped floor in some places, which indicates that the events may take place in a military or government instalment.


The goal remains the same as in every assassination-type map - CT must protect the VIP at all costs, while T must do the opposite - assassinate the VIP.

Tactical featuresEdit

The map has two main tactical features that, despite being opposite, balance the map when put together:

  • Obstacles (i.e. crates, walls, containers)
  • Open spaces

On a side note, building exits are narrow (2-3 tiles), which makes surprise attacks quite difficult.[2]


References and notesEdit

  1. However, the abundance of snow may also indicate that the events take place somewhere in the North.
  2. On the contrary, despite the fact that exits are narrow, there is a lot of them, thus the defending side can never know out of which one will the enemy come.