The buy menu is an in-game menu which allow players to equip themselves with weapons and equipment for the following battles. Everything in the buy menu, as its name suggests, must be bought with in-game money.


Buy menu is mostly used in game modes like Standard, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Zombies!. Some

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The buy menu (main screen). Note: Contains custom content

maps have items and weapons on them, some of them (like Deathrun) require no weapons. One can only buy weapons if (s)he is standing in the buy zone. A green shopping cart on the left indicates that one is standing in it. The use of the buy menu is not always required, as in some game modes, one keeps his/her weapons at the end of the round, and takes them to the next one. Due the fact that players drop their weapons on death, one can pick up the other players' weaponry and equipment, thus not costing money at all. However, it requires at least one player to be killed, and one could have great disadvantage against a fully equipped player if (s)he bought nothing, even bigger if there is no Fog of War.

On some servers there is a predefined time before the game starts. It is called freeze time. The players can neither move nor attack until it passes, hence the name. Use this time to buy the items you need. After that time passes, the game proceeds normally.



This sub-menu allows the players to equip themselves with the followings:


This sub-menu allows the players to buy short-ranged but powerful weapons.

Sub-Machine GunEdit

These are very fast and light weapons, but they usually do little damage.


The most common weapons used by players can be found here.

Machine GunEdit

Currently, there is only one Machine Gun, that is the:


These items can be very useful in battles. Some can be used as a defense, while others to mislead and confuse the enemy.

Note: Tactical Shield cannot be bought always, even if one is a Counter-Terrorist. That is because the server does not allow the Tactical Shield to be bought.

Other items/optionsEdit

Primary AmmoEdit

Fills one's weapon (excludes the ones mentioned in the Handgun section, and some weapons from the special weapons list) with ammo for 50 $.

Secondary AmmoEdit

Same as above, however, it fills the ones mentioned in the Handgun section.


Buys the weapons listed in the autobuy.cfg file without the player's help. If there is not enough money for a specific weapon, it skips buying that one.

autobuy.cfg can be found at the Counter-Strike 2D's folder in the sys folder.


Automatically buys the weapons the player bought in the previous round. If there is not enough money for a specific weapon, it skips buying that one.


Jumps to the upper buy menu level or exits it completely.


  • The players spawn in the middle of the Buyzone.
  • One can place a NoBuy entity in the Map Editor to disallow buying completely.
  • One cannot buy if (s)he is standing in the enemy's Buyzone.
  • Buying Kevlar+Helm then buying Kevlar, or buying the same things shows "You already have this or something better".
  • Disabling a T Spawn or CT Spawn entity does not disallow buying in the spawn's buy zone.
  • Modifying the damage of a buyable weapon with the mp_wpndmg, mp_wpndmg_z1, and mp_wpndmg_z2 commands will result in that the modified damage will be shown at the Buy Menu.