This is a list of the binding names for all buyable weapons and items. If you enter one of this bindings in the console, the game attempts to buy for you this item. Binding names are usually used for Buy scripts. Please note that CS2D commands are not case-sensitive.

weapon binding alternative binding
USP usp
Glock glock
Deagle deagle
P228 p228
Elite elite elites
Five-Seven fn57
M3 m3
XM1014 xm1014
Mac 10 mac10
TMP tmp
MP5 mp5
P90 p90
UMP45 ump45
Galil galil
AK-47 ak47
SG552 sg552
Famas famas
M4A1 m4a1
Aug aug
Scout scout
AWP awp
G3SG1 g3sg1
SG550 sg550
M249 m249
Primary Ammo buyammo1
Secondary Ammo buyammo2
Kevlar vest
Kevlar+Helm vesthelm
Flashbang flash
HE hegren
Smoke Grenade sgren
Defuse Kit defuser
Night Vision nvgs
Tactical Shield shield
Flare flare
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