Aug (full name Steyr Aug) is the third rifle class weapon in the counter-terrorists arsenal. It normally does 24 points of damage, but increasing zoom by one level will increase the amount of damage dealt from 24 to 35. Firing speed is equal to the UMP45 sub-machine gun.

It is possible to kill an opponent without kevlar in a half of the second (with using of zoom). 105 points of damage will be dealt. It means, that Aug can do an amount of 210 damage per second. This is enormous, when compared to other rifles. Aug is very good for destroying blocks (Env_breakable), because of its big Damage per Second (DpS) value

Damage table (By default)Edit

Regular fire/zoom 24/35


Weapon info
Aug m
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Full name

Steyr aug

Alternative name(s)



Assault rifle


Moderate(24) Good (35)



Weapon ID


Damage per second without zoom


Damage per second with zoom

210 (!)



1. One second is often enough, to kill any opponent without kevlar, regardless of the weapon (except AWP and Scout)

2. Perfect accuracy

3. Opponents won't have much time to counter-attack a zoomed Aug attack


1. Very big price 3500$ makes it harder to get


  • Aug and it's equivalent, Krieg 552 (SG552) are almost the same. The differences are: Appearance and shooting sound.
  • Aug is the slowest weapon of the rifles group (excluding Sniper rifles, G3SG1 and SG550), but it can do the most damage, when compared to M4A1, or AK-47.
  • It is very hard to beat it with sub-machine gun. Even MP5 and P90 will have severe problems. There is no way to snipe it with SMGs, due to it's incredible range of 29 blocks and damage per bullet.
  • The major weakness of aug is fighting in dogfights, when opponents are very close to you. You can be beaten to death with Mac 10, because of it's low weight (attacker is faster and more difficult to aim with zoom) and value of damage per second 108. It means, that Mac 10 can kill a opponent without kevlar in one second. The accuracy of Mac 10 makes it however difficult to beat Aug in dogfights. P90 is the best for that purpose, but it is heavier instead.